Strategies for water and renewables

Aquastrat & WHC launch international benchmark study

19th September 2014, 09:53

After working together on a number of utility projects, Aquastrat has recently formed a strategic partnership with the international consulting firm WHC Strategy to conduct a benchmarking exercise in the water and waste water sector.

The exercise will cover two specific areas that we believe will be key in the UK and international water sectors in the coming years: social tariffs and renewable energy, and identify best practices, current trends and lessons learned in both.

The role of renewable generation in water utilities was, already has a head of steam in the UK,  with growing activity overseas.  Our study will cover areas of strategy, organisation and delivery structures, experience to date, and the regulatory and business context. 

Social tariffs are integral to the UK debate around affordability and universal metering.  Internationally, more countries are increasing coverage and improving service, but having to aim at full cost recovery as they do so.   Our study in this area would take the economic and regulatory context and look at models, delivery methods and technologies employed and experience of the progress being made.

To make the exercise as valuable as possible to all participants, we are seeking to engage utilities and infrastructure companies in the sector from countries with broadly similar regulatory regimes and economic models, and are talking to potential participants in the UK, Australia, South East Asia and Chile.

If your firm would like to participate, please contact us.